In early 1999, co-founder and designer of the French Jenny lingerie collection, Fashion Designer Scott French sold his stake in the multi-million dollar company to pursue his dream of designing menswear. R. Scott French is a contemporary designer collection of both men’s and women’s sportswear.  The collection strikes a balance between item driven diversity and the cohesive development of a designer look with European influences combined with a clean American sensibility.   R. Scott French targets the fashion aware, but not the fashion consumed.  His customer reads “Harper’s” & “Vogue”  & “L’Uomo Vogue” to monitor the zeitgeist, but reads “Lucky” & “Details” to decide what to buy.

A native of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, French was first introduced to sewing by his grandmother who would regularly include him in her quilting circles. Not only did he quickly become adept with a needle and thread, but he immediately realized that this newfound hobby served as a creative outlet as well. To this day, French credits that experience with having shaped his acute understanding of the geometry of design, and instilled in him a deep appreciation of an American art form, as evidenced in his sleek & linear sportswear designs.


Having honed his skills in the fashion industry with an eclectic experience ranging from retail and wholesale, to design and production, Scott has a solid understanding of every aspect vital to any collection's success. Globally sourced and domestically manufactured, Scott perfectly marries the use of the richest European fabrics and yarns with a distinct American sportswear sensibility.  

Under the blanket of Rieys Industries, French has taken on two new collections as head designer.  American Chang and Ltd by RSF provide an outlet to experiment with electrifying and ostentatious linings and silhouettes that are fun and cutting edge. 








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